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Measuring emission spectra for the blue LED transilluminator

gel imaging transilluminator

Our blue LED transilluminators use a 470 nm LED array in combination with blue and amber acrylic filters for viewing DNA bands in agarose gels stained with DNA dyes. Images of gels stained with Greenview, GelGreen and others can be seen in previous posts on our archived site here:

We recently used a Spectrophotometer to measure the transmission spectra of the blue and amber filters used in our transilluminators. In addition we also measured the emission spectra of our blue LED transilluminators with the filters in place. 

We used the Ocean Optics USB2000 spectrophotometer for the measurements shown below. 

Transmission spectra of the blue acrylic filter

The blue filter used in the transilluminator is Blue Acrylic # 2424.

 Transmission spectra of the amber acrylic filter

The amber filter used in the transilluminator is  Amber Acrylic # 2422.

 Emission spectra of the blue LED Arrays

The 470 nm LED used in our blue LED array boards is the Ovtai Optoelectronics through-hole LED part # 552-BC. This is a superbright 1470 mcd LED with a 140 degree viewing angle with peak wavelength @ 462 nm, dominant wavelength @ 465 nm. 

We then compared the effects of the diffuser, blue filter and amber filter on the emission as shown in the image below.

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