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Rodeostat multiplexer expansion kit

$ 100.00

The Rodeostat multiplexer expansion kit can be used to convert the popular single-channel Rodeostat to a multi-channel version. The expansion kit is based on a make-before-break multiplexer which easily connects to the Rodeostat, expanding the number of working electrodes available from one to seven. 

Product includes

  • Multiplexer board
  • Two electrode adapters: 3-pin adapter and screw-terminal adapter
  • Hardware (Standoffs and screws)
  • Rodeostat Plus acrylic enclosure
  • 2 x flat-ribbon cables
  • 2 x two-wire cables
  • Mini screw-driver

The expansion kit is intended for current Rodeostat users. The kit does not include a Rodeostat. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-assembled Rodeostat Plus (Rodeostat plus multiplexer) here.


  • Getting Started guide: how to use this kit with your Rodeostat
  • More links for using the Rodeostat Plus coming soon

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