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pH FeatherWing

$ 39.00

The pH FeatherWing is a pH electrode amplifier which is designed to be compatible with the Feather/FeatherWing system. It fits in a standard FeatherWing doubler or tripler base and is compatible with any Feather Development board which adheres to Adafruit's Feather specification

The pH electrode amplifier on the pH FeaterWing is based on Texas Instruments ultra low input bias current (3 fA) LMP7721 precision operational amplifier. The design of the pH electrode amplifier closely follows the Texas Instruments pH electrode application note "AN-1852 Designing With pH Electrodes". A standard BNC connector is used to connect to the pH electrode making the pH FeatherWing compatible with most common pH probes.  

In addition to the pH electrode amplifier the pH FeatherWing includes a 3-position screw terminal connector for attaching a water proof DS18B20 temperature sensor. This enables simultaneous pH and temperature measurements and gives the user the the capability to compensate the pH readings for changes in temperature. 

The pH Feather wing has two buttons labeled "pH7" and "pH4/10" which are connected to digital pins D12 and D13 on the Feather development board. These buttons can be used to initiate calibration procedures in the Feather firmware (see blog post Creating a pH meter using the pH FeatherWing). 

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