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CheapStat: open source potentiostat

$ 135.00

CheapStat designs along with educational applications and sample data are outlined in the 2011 manuscript "CheapStat: An Open-Source, "Do-It-Yourself" Potentiostat for Analytical and Educational Applications". 

The CheapStat potentiostat includes the following:

  • Programmed and tested CheapStat PCB
  • Machined enclosure (PCB is pre-mounted in the enclosure)
  • Set of 3 alligator clip leads for connecting to electrodes
  • USB cable (3ft long USB A to USB mini-B)

More information on the CheapStat potentiostat can be found in the online documentation:

Accessories and options

The CheapStat can also be used with disposable screen printed electrodes (SPEs), suitable for educational purposes or introduction to using potentiostats. The screen printed electrode adapter PCB makes it very simple to connect one of the screen printed cards from Pine Instrumenation Inc. using a card edge reader. The screen printed electrode adapter is sold as an optional accessory for $16 (see options below). 

The flash memory is included on the CheapStat PCB. However, it is important to note that it is not yet currently supported in the firmware pre-loaded onto the CheapStat. For developers interested in implementing the flash memory and battery functions, we have included an option below to add the battery holder and switch to the CheapStat for an additional $5. The source is available here:

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