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Custom 2-wavelength colorimeter LED Board

Custom 2-wavelength colorimeter LED Board

$ 10.00

This colorimeter LED PCB is similar to Version B except this board can be used for mounting two custom LEDs. With this board you can measure the absorbance of a sample at two custom wavelengths. The PCB comes with a pre-mounted 4-pin connector plus an additional laser-cut acrylic mounting plate with hardware.

Supply your own choice of LEDs and resistors, or choose from the LED wavelength options listed below (LEDs and resistors are mounted on the board for you).

For custom measurements, swap out the standard RGB LED board in the colorimeter with this new board. Before taking measurements, select "LED Board Ver C" in the LED drop-down menu of any of the colorimeter programs (basic, plotting and measure). Refer to the Colorimeter User Manual for more details.


  1. The pin spacing for the two LEDs is 0.1" and the hole diameter for the pins is 0.032".
  2. When used with the colorimeter the LEDs are connected to the Arduino DIO pins that are normally associated with the blue (D1) and green (D2) channels of the colorimeter.  When these pins are high they will be at 5V and when low they will be at 0V.
  3. You should select current limiting resistors for operating your LEDs from a 5V supply. Sparkfun has a nice tutorial on how to do this given the specs for your LED The pin spacing for the current limiting resistors is 0.3" and the hole diameter is 0.032".

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