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AS7331 UV Sensor Board

AS7331 UV Sensor Board

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The AS7331 UV Sensor Board has an ams-OSRAM AS7331 Spectral UVA/B/C Sensor. This sensor provides a low noise all in one solution for measuring UV light between 230 and 430nm. It has a huge dynamic range and three separate channels for UVA, UVB and UVC optical radiation.

Some additional features:

  • The sensor communicates via I2C and has four user configurable addresses 
  • The responsivity of the sensor can be set using Gain (12 steps), conversion time (15 steps) and internal clock frequency (4 steps).  Each of these values is adjusted by a factor of two for each step

The AS7311 UV Sensor Board is compatible with our Open Colorimeter instrument and can replace the standard Adafruit TSL2591 visible light sensor whenever light measurements in the UV A/B/C range are needed

  • 1.0 x 0.7 inch PCB dimensions, PCB mounting holes and STEMMA QT connectors 
  • The board can be operated from 3.3-5V and contains an on-board 3.3V regulator.
  • The device IC2 address can be adjusted via 2 jumper pads located on the back side of the PCB.
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