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XL blue LED transilluminator

$ 525.00

This is an extra large blue (470 nm) LED transilluminator for viewing large DNA gels up to 14 x 28 cm. It is sold as a pre-assembled, ready-to-use unit. 


  • Gel viewing area: 28 cm x 14 cm
  • Transilluminator size: 31 cm x 21 cm  (L x W). Height is 4.5 cm without the amber lid, 7 cm with the horizontal amber lid
  • 648 superbright 470nm LEDs in a 36 x 18 LED array
  • The XL transilluminator uses two of the large 18 x 18 LED array boards. 
  • Download: LED spec sheet
  • Includes two 18V power supplies, one for each of the LED array boards
  • Includes a large amber filter for viewing gels

Two large 18 x 18 LED boards are mounted into a black acrylic enclosure to make an XL 38 x 18 LED array. LED light diffusers, a blue filter and a clear acrylic top are assembled onto the enclosure in the same design as the Mini, Midi and Large transilluminators. The amber filter can be mounted onto the transilluminator at a 45 degree angle or horizontally for viewing gels. The XL transilluminator can also be used with the Imaging Enclosure for photographing gels with a smartphone or DSLR camera. Visit the LED transilluminator Page for more information on the LED boards, Hardware and Designs. 

The XL Blue LED transilluminator kit is designed for do-it-yourself hobbyist use only and is not designed or recommended for commercial and/or research and development purposes.

Patent Notice: The XL Blue LED transilluminator is under license from Clare Chemical Research, Inc. Licensed under US patents 6198107, 6512236, 6914250 and EP 0965034.