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OpenFlexure Microscope Kit

OpenFlexure Microscope Kit

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This is an unassembled kit containing parts for making an OpenFlexure Microscope v7. The OpenFlexure Microscope is an open hardware, 3D-printed, lab-grade automated microscope. This open hardware science tool is highly customizable and can be used in a number of different applications. Since it was first introduced, the open hardware design files for the OpenFlexure microscope have been downloaded thousands of times. Learn more at Spotlight: Building an OpenFlexure Microscope.

The OpenFlexure Microscope kit contains most of the parts for making either the low-cost or the high-resolution of the OpenFlexure Microscope v7. The kit includes 3D-printed parts, hardware, electronics and motors as outlined below. The kit does not include a Raspberry Pi but you can purchase a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B along with the kit from our online store.

Kit Contents

Visit the Product Guide for a detailed list of the kit contents including photos of all of the parts.

  • 3D-printed microscope parts. Choose from listed color options or customize your microscope colors!
  • 3D-printed black optics parts for making either the low-cost or high-resolution OpenFlexure microscope
  • 3D-printed actuator assembly tools and lens tool
  • Hardware kit. This has all of the hardware (screws, nuts, washers & O-rings) for the assembly 
  • 3 x Stepper Motors
  • Sangaboard v5
  • 8 Megapixels Raspberry Pi Camera Board v2 with 20 cm long Flex Ribbon Cable and lens removal tool
  • Illumination kit with illumination LED board, cable and diffuser
  • Condenser lens

    NEW: Customize your microscope colors!

    One of the fun aspects of the OpenFlexure Microscope is the ability to customize the 3D-printed microscope colors. We have lots of filament colors available as listed in more detail on this page of the Product Guide. To order custom microscope colors, select the "custom" kit color option. Once you receive your order number, simply fill out the customize colors form to let us know which colors you want to use for your microscope. 

    For each kit sold, 20% of profits is donated to the OpenFlexure development team.

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