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Electrochemistry & Biochemistry Tools

Currently we have two signature open hardware tools: the Rodeostat and Open Colorimeter. 

The Rodeostat is an open source potentiostat used in electrochemistry experiments. The Rodeostat has been used in many peer-reviewed publications covering a wide-range of studies such as novel biosensor research. In addition the Rodeostat is used as an educational tool for introductory electrochemistry labs. 

We also have a multi-channel version, the Rodeostat Plus, and a $20 Rodeostat Featherwing, an affordable and flexible version with many of the same capabilities as the original Rodeostat. 

The Open Colorimeter is an open hardware science instrument for researchers, educators and hobbyists. It is used with colorimetric assays for environmental studies, water-quality monitoring, biochemistry and more. 


IO Rodeo Community

Our customers, collaborators and open hardware makers are a diverse group of people from many different countries & backgrounds. The community includes:

  • Researchers in academia and industry across a wide-range of fields such as electrochemistry, environmental microbiology, biomedical engineering & more
  • Educators from university/college and schools teaching introductory electrochemistry & biochemistry labs
  • Students working on a science or hardware project
  • Community groups such as makerspaces and DIYBio labs 
  • Individuals with a passion for Open Hardware who are making and modifying instruments from design files

Learn more about our Mission, Values and Team Members at the link below.

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Additional Resources

In addition to our open hardware instruments, we also host all of our documentation at

Documentation includes tutorials and product guides with links to design files, software, BOMs and more.

We also document ongoing development via our weekly newsletter.

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