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The Rodeostat  is an open source potentiostat for performing electrochemical measurements. Check out the Project Documentation for more information.


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open hardware & software

Our Rodeostat Product Guide is the main documentation site containing information & links including:

  • PCB design files and BOM
  • 3D printed enclosure design files
  • Rodeostat firmware guide
  • Rodeostat software overview
  • Serial-port bridge software
  • Rodeostat web-app software
Product Guide

Electrochemistry Tutorials

hands on learning

Learn how to use the Rodeostat from our example experiments including:

  • Irreversible and reversible cyclic voltammetry
  • Current dependence on scan rate and Randles-Sevcik equation
  • Chronoamperometry with glucose test strips
  • Metal measurements and square wave anodic stripping voltammetry
  • Making a carbon paste electrode
  • Using screen printed electrodes
Link to Tutorials

Research & Development

Chronological list of peer-reviewed publications using the Rodeostat.

Publications List

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