Open Colorimeter

The Open Colorimeter is an open hardware science instrument for researchers, educators and hobbyists. Use with colorimetric assays either in the lab, field or classroom for environmental studies, water-quality monitoring, biochemistry and more. Check out the Project Documentation to learn more. 

Open Colorimeter LED Boards

Custom LED wavelength boards for using with the Open Colorimeter. Visit out the LED board documentation page for more information. 

Open Colorimeter LED Boards - Current Controlled

On board voltage regulator enables operation from a 3.3V to 5V input voltage. Active constant current LED driver maintains stable LED current.

UV Open Colorimeter LED Boards and Sensors

AS7331 UV Sensor and 275nm UV LED boards are used in the UV Open Colorimeter. They are also sold separately here for converting the Open Colorimeter to the UV version.

Additional UV LED wavelengths are also available to further customize the UV Open Colorimeter for different wavelength measurements.

Visit out the LED board documentation page for more information. 

Rodeostat Open Potentiostat & Accessories

The Rodeostat  is an open source potentiostat for performing electrochemical measurements. Check out the Project Documentation for more information.


Rodeostat Dummy Cells