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UV Open Colorimeter

UV Open Colorimeter

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LED wavelength

The UV Open Colorimeter is a single-wavelength photometer for measuring UV light absorbance through samples in a standard 10mm pathlength cuvette. Applications include protein quantification with a UV LED. 

The device uses our AS7311 UV sensor board and a PyBadge pre-programmed with open source CircuitPython firmware. The cuvette holder and enclosure are made from 3D-printed black plastic. Links to the hardware designs and open source firmware and libraries are in the Product Guide.

The UV Open Colorimeter ships pre-programmed & ready-to-use. No assembly, soldering or programming is required. It can be powered by USB or a 3.7V lithium ion battery.  Battery is not included. See the Product Guide for battery recommendations. 

Product Features:

  • Single wavelength photometer with a UV Sensor board
  • Select which UV wavelength you want to use from 6 different options
  • Users can easily swap out the UV LED for a different wavelength using the additional UV LED options. There are available as add-on options below or from the store page
  • Includes a USB cable for battery-charging or power
  • Includes a pack of 4 UV-transparent microcuvettes
  • Includes a light-blocking cap to place over the cuvette during measurements
Documentation: Visit the Product Guide for full details.

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