• Rodeostat

    Rodeostat Potentiostat (in the center)  on the other hand 

    • complete instrument 
    • comes pre-programmed with firmware
    • Higher current version available

    which includes various voltammetric tests: chronoamperometry, cyclic voltammetry, etc. 

    • comes with python library for controlling it form host PC
    • web app software for controlling it without any programming
    Link to Rodeostat 
  • Rodeostat FeatherWing

    • The Rodeostat Feather Wing small very low cost ($20) pontentiostat 
    • not stand alone - need accompanying microcontroller development board
    • meant for adding a potentiostat to an embedded project  
    Link to FeatherWing 
  • Rodeostat Plus

    So we accompany our devices with open open source software 

    • ensuring our devices are as programmable and as customizable as possible
    • From the firmware - which for the Rodeostat is programmable via the popular  Arudino IDE
    • To a Python library which uses the standard Python scientific stack (scipy, numpy & matplotlib)
    • In addition we try to provide lots of coding examples to people started. 
    Link to Software Docs 
  • What is a potentiostat?

    • Electrochemical sensor  
    • 3 electrodes - working, counter and reference
    • Uses feedback for control
    • Actively controla potential between working and reference electrode using counter electrode as the actuator
    • Simultaneously measures working electrode current 
    • Not passive - often sweep output voltage through various waveforms, ramps, cyclic, steps, pulses, etc. 
    Link to Learn More 
  • Applications

    • Characterize electrochemical processes e.g. redox potentials, reversibility of reactions
    • Study coatings or corrosion
    • Biosensor research and development 
    • Heavy metal measurements

Introductory Videos

Research & Development

Many of our users are developing biosensors with the Rodeostat potentiosts. See some examples in these publications.

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Electrochemistry Tutorials

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