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Potentiostat 1M Dummy Cell

$ 12.00

This is an assembled and ready-to-use potentiostat dummy cell with a 1M Ohm 0.1% precision resistor and 3-pin header. PCB size = 5 x 3.25 cm. 

Potentiostat dummy cells can be used for current calibration as described here. The dummy cells can also can be used for simple demonstrations and testing device frequency response.

Compatible with the Cheapstat potentiostat and the upcoming potentiostat shield. Includes a 3 wire jumper cable for connecting to the potentiostat.

When performing the calibration test make sure to select an appropriate resistor. You want to generate currents which span the measurement range (for current), but which do not go outside of it.  Other resistor sizes are also available in the store. 

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