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3D Printed Cuvette Holder

3D Printed Cuvette Holder

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This is the 3D-printed cuvette holder used with the Open Colorimeter. It is also available here as a stand-alone product for users that want to add a cuvette holder to their own custom instrument or project. 


  • Material: 3D printed black nylon
  • Outer Dimensions: 54 mm (length) x 32 mm (width) x 43.5 mm (height)
  • Inner Dimensions: 12.68 mm x 12.68 mm.
  • Recessed circular space for a light-blocking cover
  • Recessed mounts on either side with tapped  M2.5 threads (for mounting the LED and light sensor boards)
  • Base flange with 4 mount holes for (optionally) mounting to the enclosure part
  • Works with most commonly used cuvettes with dimensions no greater than 12.6 mm x 12.6 mm.
  • Fits BrandTech macro and semi-macro cuvettes (approx. 12.47 mm x 12.47 mm) and Ultramicro UV cuvettes (for 70 µL sample sizes). We will add more examples as we test them. 
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