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Potentiostat screen printed electrode adapters

$ 16.00

The Rodeostat and Cheapstat potentiostats can also be used with disposable screen printed electrodes (SPEs). These are particularly suitable for educational applications and also as an introduction to using potentiostats. The adapter PCBs feature card edge readers for mounting several different types of carbon electrodes. Three versions available for different screen printed electrode configurations:

  • A - 5-position cards with 0.100" spacing. Suitable for using with the patterned electrodes from Pine Instrumentation Inc
  • B - 3-position cards with 0.100" spacing, R/W/C configuration. Suitable for using with the screen printed electrodes from DropSens
  • C - 3-position cards with 0.156" spacing, C/W/R configuration. Suitable for using with the Zensor screen printed cards from CH Instruments

All versions include a ready-to-use pre-assembled PCB with a 12" long cable for connecting to the Rodeostat or CheapStat. 

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