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Increasing data collection accessibility by creating open hardware scientific instruments

Mission & Values

Our mission is to increase accessibility to scientific data collection tools by creating low-cost, open hardware instrumentation. To further increase accessibility, we also develop methods and tutorials to lower the barriers to environmental and biological data collection. Our guiding principle is that anyone interested in environmental monitoring - especially in communities most impacted by environmental pollution - should have access to open source and community-supported tools. Read more about the team, our Mission and Values here

Featured Project

Open Hardware Potentiostat

The Rodeostat is a fully functional open source (hardware and software) potentiostat which is designed as an expansion board for the popular Teensy 3.2 development platform. Rodeostat includes ready-to-use firmware which implements many standard voltammetric methods. Additionally, a software library is available in the Python programming language which provides users with a simple high-level interface for configuring/controlling the potentiostat and for streaming back data to the host PC during measurements. Learn More

Biorodeo - community shared methods

Biorodeo is a database we have created for the community to use and share methods for data collection using open hardware. View on the Biorodeo page

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