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We design open source hardware science instruments used by researchers & educators. We purposefully design affordable tools that are also small/portable and easy-to-use. All of our Open Hardware tools we develop are licensed under open hardware licenses and supported by Documentation. Read our Mission and Values to learn more.

Who uses our open hardware tools?

  • Researchers in academia and industry 
  • Wide-range of research fields and topics including electrochemistry, environmental microbiology, biomedical engineering and more.
  • Educators at university teaching labs e.g. teaching introductory electrochemistry or biochemistry labs
  • School projects
  • Community spaces e.g. makerspaces and DIYBio labs 

Currently we have two signature open hardware tools: the Rodeostat and Open Colorimeter. 

The Rodeostat, an open source potentiostat used in electrochemistry experiments. The Rodeostat has been used in peer-reviewed publications in a range of studies and applications such as biosensor research as well as used as an educational tool for teaching electrochemistry. 

We also have a multi-channel version, the Rodeostat Plus, and a $20 Rodeostat Featherwing, an affordable and flexible version with many of the same capabilities as the original Rodeostat. 


The Open Colorimeter is a very flexible instrument with many applications, including measuring contaminants & pollutants in soil & water. 

In addition to our open hardware instruments, we are also committed to supporting the open hardware science community with resources such as guides and tutorials. We are also documenting current projects via our weekly newsletter

We are always open to collaborations and partnerships, especially with community members & researchers. Let's connect! You can reach us via our contact form

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